Night of the Living Dead (1968) Enhanced and colorized

“Night of the Living Dead” is a groundbreaking horror film directed by George A. Romero, released in 1968. The story follows a group of people trapped in a rural farmhouse in Pennsylvania, as they try to survive a mysterious epidemic that reanimates the dead as flesh-eating zombies. The film explores themes of fear, isolation, and […]

Windjammer (1958) Enhanced and Colored

“Windjammer” is a captivating classic film released in 1958, directed by Louis De Rochemont III and Bill Colleran. Shot in the spectacular widescreen format of Cinemiracle, the movie takes audiences on a breathtaking journey aboard the majestic Norwegian tall ship, the Christian Radich. Through stunning visuals and immersive storytelling, “Windjammer” follows the adventures of the […]

The Dawn Rider (1935) Enhanced and Colored

In the sun-kissed valleys of the Old West, “The Dawn Rider” unfolds as a timeless tale of justice and redemption. John Mason, a rugged and determined cowboy portrayed by the iconic John Wayne, finds himself on a relentless quest for retribution after his father is senselessly gunned down during a bank robbery. As the first […]

Genres: Western

San Pietro Battle (1945) Remastered and Colored

A documentary directed by John Huston, released in 1945. It is a powerful and realistic portrayal of the Battle of San Pietro during World War II. “San Pietro Battle” is a stark and unflinching documentary that captures the intensity and devastation of the Battle of San Pietro, a crucial engagement between Allied forces, primarily the […]

Popeye – Out to Punch

Genres: Animation
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