Meet The 16-Year-Old Girl Who Singlehandedly Took Down Milo Yiannopoulos

Few people have fallen from grace quicker than Milo Yiannopoulos, the controversial conservative firebrand who lost a book deal, got himself disinvited from CPAC, and resigned from Breitbart.

What a whirlwind!

And while it was due to that shameful pedophilia video and other associated antics, it all comes back to a 16-year-old high school student in Canada who, as Vox describes, “decided Yiannopoulos was embraced much too closely by mainstream conservatives.”

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The news website has a fascinating piece up today about the teenager behind the Yiannopoulos video and eventual takedown, and it all centers on the teen recognizing that Milo’s controversial “free speech” shtick was little more than awfulness:

“I see Milo as this embodiment of the awfulness you see over the past few years with the general tilt of millennial conservatism. It’s diverged from this traditional conservatism so much. You’ve seen it essentially become full of awfulness and all about attacking the left and not about actual principles. It has nothing to do with conservative ideology so much as it has with opposing the leftists, SJWs, and so on and so forth.”

Vox didn’t name the teenager — citing her own safety — and referred to her only as “Julia” in the post, but it’s a fascinating look at how one young person said “enough is enough” and took down a VERY controversial figure!!!

And with a very good memory — it was Julia alone — and partnering with a conservative blog to post the damning video — she felt a liberal blog would have less credibility at CPAC — the teenager went out and made it all happen, calling out pedophilia and child molestation!

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Even more attractive, Julia understands how dangerous that Milo brand of political speech can potentially be, and how that’s linked to the current occupant of the White House, too:

“America is a global power, and it affects the entire world. Whatever Trump says now in terms of foreign policy does change the course of world history and does alter not just America’s position in the world but it will also affect Western civilization’s position in the world stage. There’s not a politician in American politics today that would be worse than Donald Trump.”

Well spoken!!!

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And just for good measure, she dropped one more knowledge bomb to finish things up:

“You shouldn’t have to feel intimidated to stand up for what you believe in. Hopefully they’ll realize that you can’t keep being this reactionary movement — if you can even call it that. You can’t just keep looking for enemies to attack and pointing the finger. Eventually, you have to stand up for something.”

We LOVE this girl!!!

It’s an interesting piece in full, too — read it HERE.

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