Ex-NBA Ref Tim Donaghy 911 Call: ‘About to be a Major Altercation, I Did Bring a Hammer’

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Ex-NBA Ref Tim Donaghy Intense 911 Call … I Got a Hammer and I’ll Crack Heads if Need Be!!!


TMZ Sports has actually acquired the 911 call Tim Donaghy made while attempting to bring his child house in Manatee County, Florida … including 2 complete minutes of hammer-wielding turmoil.

The ex-NBA ref informs the dispatcher he’s on an objective to conserve his child … who he declares is being held versus her will at a home with cannabis and is “stoned out of her mind.”

Donaghy explains the scene as hostile, stating the moms and dads at your house are screaming and shouting at him. He alerts … “There’s about to be a major altercation.”

That’s when Tim exposes he’s got a hammer on him and is all set to toss down … or as he puts it, “If anyone comes near me, I will crack him right in his f*cking head.”

Donaghy informs the 911 operator it’s too dark to explain individuals included, however is determined he requires aid rapidly … prior to things go south.

We broke the story … Donaghy– who went to jail for attempting to repair video games he officiated– was apprehended for threatening a guy with the hammer, however firmly insists the tool was for defense and he was simply attempting to be a great papa and conserve his child.

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