Why Sarah Palin Incites Near-Violent Rage In Normally Reasonable Women

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For Jezebel’s 10 th anniversary, we’re reviewing some timeless posts from our archive. Here’s to the next 10.

I do not like Sarah Palin. Possibly you discovered currently! I do not like any political leader who is diabolically anti-choice, who goes after wolves down in airplane just to shoot them when they tire, who supports tearing up the environment and significantly privatized health care. Exactly what I’ve composed on this website about Palin up until now has actually been quite restrained, considering exactly what I understanding of her independently might be referred to as violent, nay, homicidal, rage My head nearly blew up from the incandescent anger boiling in my skull when Palin spoke on Wednesday night.


And I’m not the only one! I had synchronised IM discussions with lots of good friends, who stated things like, “she seems like a fucking monster” and “this feminist wants to murk that idiotic cunt.” The tone of the discuss our Palin approval speech live blog site was quite comparable; in truth, this remark states all of it: “I want to punch her in the face and ruin her shit. Fuck her for ruining this historic moment. THANKS SARAH, THE HOTTEST VP.”

And the concern now is why? Why does this specific pitbull in lipstick irritate– and frighten us– so viscerally? Why does her really presence make us feel– and act– so awful? New York Times writer Judith Warner calls Palin’s election a “thoroughgoing humiliation for America’s women,” since “Palin’s not intimidating, and makes it clear that she’s subordinate to a great man.” Palin, who undoubtedly is exceptionally enthusiastic, masks that aspiration behind her PTA placard and “folksy” talk. In the oft-replayed tape from previously this summer season, when inquired about the Vice Presidency, Palin infamously stated, ‘”I’ m utilized to bein’ really efficient and workin’ genuine difficult in an administration and we wish to make certain that that ‘V.P.’ slot would be a rewarding kind of position.”

I believe exactly what Ms. Warner is dancing around, however not stating outright, is that for a specific type of feminist, Palin is a sign for whatever we hoped was not real on the planet any longer. We hoped that we didn’t need to conceal our aspiration or pretend that our objectives were easily attained (“I never really set out to be in public affairs, much less to run for this office,” the Governor has actually stated.) We hoped that we might be moms without having our motherhood be our specifying particular, as it appears to be for Palin. We hoped that we did not need to be best model to obtain to where we wished to remain in life, that our appearances, bad or great, would not matter. Whether you believe it’s proper to talk about Palin’s look, the truth of her beauty exists, and is being utilized to her benefit by Republican sloganeers (“the hottest Governor in the coldest state,” et. al).


Keith Olbermann called Sarah Palin “Tracy Flick” after her speech on Wednesday, and I believe that’s not an ideal parallel. Tracy, while totally callous (as Palin has actually revealed herself to be up until now with that nasty neighborhood organizer remark), never ever concealed her aspiration behind a refined veneer– it was as plain as the bows in her hair. No, I believe the appropriate high school stereotype is of the homecoming queen.

For a number of us recalling at high school, we can now feel a smug supremacy to the homecoming queen. Sure, she was quite and popular in high school, dealing with the impulses of young boys and cheering on their hockey video games, however exactly what occurred to her after high school? Frequently, she popped out some kids and wound up toiling in some not especially excellent task. We can recall and state, we may have been enthusiastic geeks in high school, however it eventually settled. Exactly what’s frustrating, and maybe rage-inducing, about Palin, is that she has actually constantly embodied that completely pleasing female archetype, playing by the young boys’ video game with her huge weapons and moose-murdering, which she keeps being rewarded for it. Our schadenfreude for the homecoming queen’s mediocrity has actually developed into white hot anger at her ongoing supremacy.

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