Watch some of the many stealth skills at Talion’s disposal in Middle-earth: Shadow of War

The stealth skills in Middle-earth: Shadow of War turn Talion into predator, and you can take each of them a step further.

Shadow of War developer Monolith has been showing more and more of the game’s systems. Today’s video gives us a look at the Predator skill tree, which houses the skills needed to become the ultimate silent assassin.

In the video, via IGN, we get to the see a number of skills available, and how each can be further customised after unlocking.

Elven Agility is shown as an example. Upgraded with the Spectral Dash mod, the skill now offers a Bloodborne-style boost on the ground that makes getting to enemies easier, not to mention increase the overall speed.

Watch the video for more.

Shadow of War is out August 22 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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