Vice Media Sued For Pay Discrimination Against Women

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Vice co-founder and CEO Shane Smith/ Image by means of AP

Vice Media has actually currently been exposed for producing a hostile workplace where workers were sexually bothered, bullied, and made to sign NDAs avoiding them from discussing the culture there. Numerous guys high up in the business were fired after examinations into unwanted sexual advances at the business. And now a previous worker is taking legal action against the business for pay discrimination versus ladies.

The Los Angeles Times reports that previous worker Elizabeth Rose, who operated at Vice in New York and Los Angeles in between 2014 and 2016, submitted a suit on Tuesday. The fit supposedly declares that after Rose saw internal memos noting the incomes of 35 Vice workers, she recognized that ladies made substantially less loan than their equivalents who are guys.

In reality a guy who Rose in fact worked with as a subordinate was discovered to be making $25,000 more each year than her and was ultimately promoted to be her manager. An executive then informed Rose that he was “a good personality fit” for guys customers. Vice going to Vice, essentially.

The claim looks for class action accreditation and since it declares that Vice Media breached equivalent pay laws in New York and California ladies who worked for the business in the last 6 years might be qualified to end up being members of the proposed classes. Rose is looking for offsetting damages, changed incomes to make up for the supposed pay policy, and for Vice Media’s apparently prejudiced practices to end.

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