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Suzanne Somers Says Praising Donald Trump is Career Suicide

Suzanne Somers I’m Happy with Trump …‘ Now My Career is Over!!!’ EXCLUSIVE Suzanne Somers is stating it happy and loud … she’s a big fan of President Trump, and she likewise thinks she’s dedicating profession suicide by stating that. We got Suzanne leaving WeHo location Madeo over the weekend and inquired about the federal government shutdown. She states political leaders have to get their crap together, however she applauds… Read Article →

Twitter LOLs At Hilarious White Home Pictures Of Donald Trump ‘Working’ Amid Authorities Shutdown!

The federal government could also be shut down over failed finances negotiations, however Donald Trump needs you to know he is HARD AT WORK. And by “hard at work” we imply sitting at a totally empty desk within the Oval Workplace whereas he awkwardly pretends to make cellphone calls. Amid the shutdown this weekend, the White Home launched images of Trump doing President issues — *taking necessary cellphone calls*; *strolling… Read Article →

Wait– Donald Trump May Be Having An Extramarital Affair Right Now?!

We understand all the stories about Donald Trump continuing evident adulterous affairs and settling females in his past … however might he in fact be having an affair RIGHT NOW in the White House?! That’s exactly what Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff believes, inning accordance with his look last night on Real Time with host Bill Maher Whoa!!! Related: Remember When Trump Wanted To Abort His Daughter Tiffany?? Wolff… Read Article →

Donald Trump Weirdly Jokes About Government Shutdown in Twitter Storm

Donald Trump Weirdly Jokes About Government Shutdown You ‘d believe President Trump would be solemn the day the federal government closed down over a budget plan deadlock, however rather he utilized his preferred platform to utilize jokes laced with sarcasm to explain his sensations. Trump tweeted, “This is the One Year Anniversary of my Presidency and the Democrats want to give me a nice present.” He likewise yelled, “#AMERICA FIRST!”… Read Article →

Donald Trump’s First Year in Office Has Been Gold for 3 Major Stocks

Donald Trump Whatever He Touches (Or Eats) Turns to Gold … On Wall Street EXCLUSIVE In case you have not heard– specifically from him– Donald Trump‘s very first year in workplace has actually been fantastic for the stock exchange … however 3 business in specific have actually benefited bigly from their association with the Prez. TMZ did some research study, and discovered that the stock rate of McDonald’s– which Trump… Read Article →

#FBF To That Time Donald Trump Talked About Wanting To Abort Tiffany …

Donald Trump makes a huge offer about how anti-abortion he is, now that it’s politically useful. But back prior to he was screwing up speeches at the March For Life, when he was running for president back in 1999, with the Reform Party, he was “very pro-choice.” Seriously, view him state it HERE It’s practically like he does not actually appreciate it– like all he sees is green. Related: Trump… Read Article →

‘Stable Genius’ Donald Trump Just Said Babies Being ‘Born In The Ninth Month’ Is ‘Wrong’ And ‘Has To Change’

OK. Let’s begin with the truth Donald Trump is the very first sitting president speaking at a March For Life rally. Ew. Clearly this male who apparently had actually unprotected sex with pornography stars while his 3rd better half was at house with their newborn kid is not speaking from ethical authority– he simply wishes to keep his base cheering with anti-abortion talk. Also, DON’T YOU HAVE A GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN… Read Article →

Prophylactics, Pet Names, & & Phobias! The Craziest Donald Trump Affair Details From The FULL Stormy Daniels Interview!

On Friday, In Touch Weekly released the whole 5500- word interview with Stormy Daniels, the adult movie starlet with whom Donald Trump apparently had an almost yearlong sexual affair. She talked to the tabloid in 2011, prior to anybody cared and long prior to apparently being paid $130 K by Trump’s uneven legal representative to keep her mouth shut. Related: Trump Compared Stormy To His Daughter … In the complete… Read Article →

Donald Trump Had Stormy Daniels Spank Him With A Forbes Magazine Featuring Ivanka On The Cover?!?

We simply keep getting more information about Donald Trump‘s declared affair with pornography star Stormy Daniels Troubling information … See, the President’s attorney apparently settled the adult movie starlet to sign a privacy contract when she will spill all to journalism prior to the election– however she had actually currently informed many individuals prior to then. We’ve currently spoken with her friend Alana Evans and her own 2011 account of… Read Article →