Shania Twain: From Penniless Child To Country Music Superstar

Shania Twain Troubled Childhood Money Problems str - Shania Twain: From Penniless Child To Country Music Superstar

Shania Twain might now be referred to as the very popular female artist in c and w history, however as a kid, she belonged to an impoverished household that hardly had sufficient methods to feed her and her brother or sisters!
The “You’re Still The One” frequently day dreamed about leading an abundant life– ultimately, she got it, however it came at an expense.

REELZ’s latest docuseries, The Price of Fame: Shania Twain, music reporter Mark Ebner goes into the mystical life of the terrific vocalist, and the life experiences that resulted in her popularity.

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When Twain, 52, was young, her moms and dads might hardly manage fruit or meat that they didn’t hunt themselves, so she and her brother or sisters experienced both poor nutrition and humiliation. They needed to deal with bullies in school and later on, learn how to raise themselves following their moms and dads’ terrible cars and truck mishap deaths.

“You know, I think that her flashiness today, is a result of being that little torn kid with the sack lunches and beat-up clothes… walking through the dirt to school,” Ebner states in the clip.

The Price of Fame: Shania Twain airs Sunday, February 18 at 9 ET/ PT on REELZ.

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