Pornography Actress Alana Evans Corroborates Donald Trump’s Alleged Encounter With Stormy Daniels!

Explain THIS, Donald Trump!

According to the Wall Street Journal on Friday, one month prior to the 2016 election, Trump Organization lawyer Michael Cohen scheduled Stephanie Clifford(AKA adult starlet Stormy Daniels) to get $130,000 to keep her from discussing a declared 2006 Lake Tahoe sexual encounter. The supposed event occurred one year after the business person wed Melania Trump

Reportedly, Daniels remained in talks with ABC‘s Good Morning America to move forward with her story, however the offer failed.

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On Friday, inning accordance with a brand-new report, Daniels was likewise in contact with The Daily Beast after the site got verification from 3 sources– consisting of fellow pornography starlet Alana Evans(imagined above)– about her supposed participation with the political leader. On November 3, simply 5 days prior to the election, Daniels ended.

Evans– who states she was likewise in Lake Tahoe at the time of the supposed event– states she initially identified Daniels beyond her hotel space.

“It was the second day of our trip, we were in a hotel with a tattoo parlor, and the hotel had huge windows so you could see people outside. When I saw Stormy, I was like WTF? I opened the door, called out to her, and she joined me while [my colleague] got a tattoo.”

Daniels supposedly informed Evans she fulfilled the now-President at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship at the Edgewood Tahoe in Stateline, Nevada in June 2006.

“Stormy said she met Donald Trump and then tells me about the golf tournament and how she’s supposed to hang out with him later that night, and she invited me. Stormy said Donald knew exactly who she was and wanted to meet her.”

Later that night, Evans supposedly kept getting telephone call from Daniels asking her to “have some fun” with Stormy and Trump.

“Stormy calls me four or five times, by the last two phone calls she’s with Donald [Trump] and I can hear him, and he’s talking through the phone to me saying, ‘Oh come on Alana, let’s have some fun! Let’s have some fun! Come to the party, we’re waiting for you.’ And I was like, ‘OMG it’s Donald Trump!’ Men like him scare me because they have so much power and this was way before his presidential nomination. So I bailed on them and turned my phone off.”‘

The next day, Daniels presumably informed Evans she wound up in a hotel space with Trump, which he chased her around “in his tighty-whities.”

“She tells me, ‘All I’m going to say is: I ended up with Donald in his hotel room. Picture him chasing me around his hotel room in his tighty-whities.’ I was like, ‘Oh I really didn’t need to hear that!’ Then she said he offered her keys to his condos in Florida, and I was like, ‘Wow guess you had a good night,’ and that was the last we ever spoke of it.”‘

According to the publication, the Daniels-Trump encounter was verified by 2 extra sources: one near Daniels, and one in the adult market.

Not great, Trump. BAD!

[ Image by means of Alana Evans/ Instagram/ WENN]

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