Ola and James Jordan: Losing weight has actually BOOSTED our sex life

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LOVERS: Ola and James Jordan have actually been together for 18 years

Their marital relationship resembles a completely choreographed romance, so it’s not a surprise that previous Strictly Come Dancing stars Ola and James Jordan have actually created an entire program that informs their love through dance.

The James & Ola: Uncensored trip starts in March and the set exposed there will be some saucy surprises along the method.

“We’re not a perfect couple, no one is,” states James.

“But when we have a fight at home, we use that energy and passion and turn it into a paso doble.”

James, 39, and Ola, 35, have actually been together for 18 years, starting as expert partners prior to succumbing to each other.

“Ola couldn’t keep her hands off me but I was playing hard to get,” James states. TELEVISION Life seeks to Ola for verification however she just chuckles, stating, “Whatever he says…” with a tip of mischief in her eyes.

We talk to the couple about Strictly, household strategies and getting in shape for the trip with the aid of SlimFast …


LOVED-UP: James and Ola have actually remained in a relationship for 18 years

It was a surprise to learn 2 individuals as fit as you were utilizing a diet strategy. What made you choose to lose weight?
James: The fact is, we were rather out of shape. After we completed dealing with Strictly Come Dancing, we weren’t training anywhere near as much and we let ourselves go a bit.

Ola: We were taking pleasure in getting our Saturday nights back, so we were consuming wine and purchasing takeaways and the weight began sneaking on without discovering actually. While on vacation in Skiathos, Greece, we were papped on the beach and the images were dreadful. They were so uncomplimentary which’s exactly what triggered us to obtain back fit. I needed to keep informing individuals I wasn’t pregnant. I was simply a bit fat!

Why did you choose to choose the SlimFast strategy?
Ola: I’m lazy when it concerns cooking. I’m not a great cook at all and I’m simply not into preparing food. I would not stick to it– I’m a junk-food fanatic if we ‘d gone on a diet plan where I had to prepare particular meals.

James: We’re actually unorganised and this was something we might do on the go which actually attracted us. We’ve been training for the trip therefore we do not have much time to make 3 healthy home-made meals every day. The meal replacements and treats at SlimFast are likewise actually high in protein, so they’re great for energy and fixing muscles when you’re exercising in the fitness center or, in our case, on the dance flooring.

You’re both looking excellent, so it’s plainly working well for you …
Ola: It’s offered me a genuine self-confidence increase– I could not suit any of my gowns prior to! I have actually lost 15 pounds up until now and James has actually lost 17 pounds. It’s enjoyable to do together as a couple as we can support one another. I’m a positive dancer however I’m not actually positive with my body, which individuals are constantly shocked about. Even when I was on Strictly, there were days when I felt uneasy. James constantly supported me and motivated me to head out and be positive, although when I put on weight, he does call me a “chunky monkey”!

James: People presume that when you are a dancer, it’s simple for you to drop weight, however you cannot “out-train” a bad diet plan. We work out as a couple and it made sense to do the SlimFast strategy as a couple.

What do you people want to do when you’re not working?
Ola: We’ve actually been enjoying our time off– which is most likely why we placed on the pounds! We’re like any couple actually; we hang out with our loved ones or go out for a date night to the movie theater. We’re in fact rather pleasant when we’re not taking a trip since we take a trip a lot. We want to snuggle on the couch and watch Strictly!

Is it difficult to enjoy the program after carrying out on it for so long?
James: No. Not– we like it. We like viewing it in your home and getting actually included. If we’re out and have not viewed it live one week, our fans on Twitter get cross and begin asking us why we have not tweeted. I’m really outspoken– individuals implicate me of being questionable however I am simply truthful. I state exactly what I truly believe. There’s no program there. On the last series, the evaluating has actually been intriguing however you need to remember it’s a home entertainment program, not an appropriate competitors. If the audience is mentally included with a dancer, they’ll elect them, even if they aren’t the very best. The general public understands exactly what’s a great dance and exactly what isn’t really– the program has actually been on a very long time now.

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TOUR: The couple are set for The James & Ola: Uncensored trip

Do you be sorry for leaving the program?
Ola: I was doing Strictly for 10 years and James did 8 years, so it was the correct time for us to do and leave something various. It’s really various now. The majority of the celebs can dance prior to they even begin training, which wasn’t the case when I began. I would like to begin a household. My clock is ticking and I’m not getting any more youthful. James would be a terrific father– it would resemble having a small James Jordan.

You’ve been together for 18 years– exactly what is the secret to working and cohabiting?
James: It would be dull if we didn’t argue. The main point is to separate the 2. If we’re choreographing a regular for our trip and we disagree with how it needs to go– which occurs a lot since we’re both really enthusiastic– we leave it at the studio when we go house. Normally we satisfy in the middle at a compromise.

Ola: And it’s the very same the other method round. James constantly grumbles about how I prepare chicken, stating it’s dry and he can prepare it much better, so we’re generally arguing about that in your home. At the studio, none of that matters. We’re not scared to state things to each other. We’re truthful.

What are your preferred meals to prepare together?
Ola: We’re so hectic, so we consume really basic meals– chicken, steak or salmon with sweet potatoes. On the SlimFast strategy, you get to consume 6 times a day therefore you do not get actually starving. If we are working late practicing or just get a couple of brief breaks, it’s ideal for us. The Chunky Chocolate shakes are my preferred and the pretzels for a treat– they are just 99 calories. James’ preferred is the Chocolate Crunch meal replacement bar– it’s like the Rice Krispies cakes you utilized to obtain at the school fete.

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CONFIDENT: Ola lost 15 pounds after being dissatisfied with her weight

Tell us about the trip …
James: It follows our entire story from starting to end. How we began in dance when we were young and our journey, how we satisfied and the ups and downs along the method. It’s not all cheerful– we are a genuine couple with a genuine story and we’re putting our hearts into the dances. Every tune informs a various part of the story and it’s really psychological.

Ola, you have a brand-new calendar out and you are looking wonderful– is this thanks to the brand-new diet plan?

Ola: Those shots were taken prior to I ‘d got the weight, so that’s my target to obtain back to. I put images from my own calendar on the refrigerator to stop me entering there for additional treats. I wish to return to how I searched in the images and I’m nearly there.

Ola and James are the brand-new celeb weight-loss ambassadors for SlimFast UK.

The couple have actually lost 32 pounds on the SlimFast 3.2.1. Strategy.

Visit Slimfast.co.uk or sign up with the SlimFast Challenge UK Facebook group to learn more. for trip tickets, check out ticketmaster.co.uk

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