Lin-Manuel Miranda shares video footage of eighth-grade Macbeth play

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With musicals like Hamilton and In the Heights, Lin-Manuel Miranda has actually included brand-new works to the canon of American theater. He still appreciates the classics. On Friday, Miranda published a video of himself from 8th grade, acting out a performance of Macbeth. Miranda played the title character, while his buddy Ben Hong played competing warrior Macduff.

“2017 has been brutal. So here’s 8th grade Macbeth,” Miranda tweeted along with the video. “Shout out to Ben Hong, my favorite Macduff forever.”

Split into 2 videos, the mini-film is a little bit of a montage, cutting in between various scenes as Macbeth and Macduff battle out their distinctions (albeit with drape rods rather of swords). Miranda and his buddy shot the video out on the street. Hilariously, to completion of their play, a random female strolls throughout the screen in front of them. “I don’t know who this is but she is immortal now, bless,” Miranda tweeted.

Miranda’s appreciation of Macbeth has actually stayed long-lasting. Shakespeare’s play even gets a shout-out in the Hamilton tune “Take a Break” (I trust you’ll comprehend the referral to another Scottish catastrophe without my needing to call the play/ They believe me Macbeth, and aspiration is my recklessness/ I’m a polymath, an annoyance, an enormous discomfort/ Madison is Banquo, Jefferson’s Macduff/ And Birnam Wood is Congress on its method to Dunsinane”).

Watch the videos listed below.

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