If Comedy Has No Lady Problem, Why Am I Getting So Many Rape Threats?

For Jezebel’s 10 th anniversary, we’re reviewing some timeless posts from our archive. Here’s to the next 10.

Last Thursday, I went on FX’s Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell and attempted to describe rape culture in a couple of 15- 2nd sound bytes (enjoyable things– if you’ve never ever attempted it, RUN-DON’ T-WALK).


I remained in an argument with funny veterinarian Jim Norton (who’s been reasonable and thoughtful throughout this entire thing, so do not be imply to him), who basically took the position that funny needs outright liberty in order to operate. Due to the fact that it’s a “release of tension” for individuals unpleasant with those concerns, comedians joke about tough concerns. It’s “catharsis.” No topic should ever be “off limits” and comics should not be “silenced.” And anyhow, language does not impact culture, so how could rape jokes have a result on real rape? Rape is prohibited! Everybody dislikes rape!

Well, that’s the basic detach in between us. I think that the method we discuss things and the kind of media we take in exceptionally affects how we think of the world.

Let me be clear: I do not think that formerly non-raping audience members are going to require to the streets in a rape mob after hearing one rape joke. That’s an insulting and unreasonable mischaracterization. I do think that funny’s present permissiveness around cavalier, harsh, victim-targeting rape jokes contributes to (that’s contributes— not triggers) a culture of young males who do not comprehend exactly what it indicates to take this things seriously.

And how did they attempt and show me incorrect? How did they aim to show that funny, in basic, does not have concerns with females? By threatening to rape and eliminate me, informing me I’m simply bitter due to the fact that I’m too fat to obtain raped, and recommending that the argument would have been much better if it had actually simply been Jim raping me.


This isn’t really simply originating from confidential giants. Regional comics– whom I understand and deal with— have actually informed me to shut the screw up. One hopes I’ll drop a flight of stairs. (He later on said sorry– to my sweetheart, not me.)

The remarks listed below and the video above (recorded and modified by Ahamefule J. Oluo) are just a small portion of exactly what I’ve been learning for the previous 4 days. A suffocating deluge of violent misogyny is how American funny fans respond to a female recommending that funny may have a misogyny issue.

If anybody’s still anxious about comics being “silenced”: This is exactly what silencing appears like. Sorry, young boys, however it’s not going to work.

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