‘Gal Gadot’ and ‘coulrophobia’ amongst leading mispronounced words of 2017

wonder woman jumanji - 'Gal Gadot' and 'coulrophobia' amongst leading mispronounced words of 2017

This year a lot of individuals were discussing the star of Wonder Woman, the illogical worry of clowns, and a disgraced Hollywood magnate– however they might have some difficulty with their pronunciation.

“Gal Gadot,”“coulrophobia,” and “Weinstein” are amongst the leading mispronounced words of 2017, inning accordance with a study commissioned by the language-learning app Babbel. To assemble the list, the business surveyed expert subtitlers at the United States Captioning Company, National Captioning Canada, and the British Institute of Verbatim Reporters about the words, expressions, and names that folks had a difficult time stating on TELEVISION.

Gadot’s name, for instance, is noticable with a soft T (“gah-dott”) instead of a quiet one.

“Coulrophobia,” which saw a rise in appeal amidst package workplace success of the Stephen King adjustment It, is noticable “cool-ruh-foh-bee-ah.”

As for Weinstein– as in Harvey Weinstein, the mega-producer who has actually been implicated of sexual misbehavior by lots of ladies– some linguists state he’s pronouncing his own name improperly. They believe it must be “wine-stine,” while he states “wine-steen.”

Rounding out the top 10 list of mispronounced words in the United States are “bokeh,”“dotard,” “fibromyalgia,” “Namibia,” “nuclear,” “Puerto Rico,” and “Pyongyang.”

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