Evaluation: Liam Neeson Reaffirms His Action-Star Prowess with ‘The Commuter’

by Jeremy Kirk
January 12, 2018

The Taken series of films permitted Liam Neeson’s shift into an action star, a concept that has actually just been strengthened by the once-dramatic star’s cooperations with director Jaume Collet-Serra Movies like Unknown, Non-Stop, and Run All Night have not just amused action-craving audiences with high-octane delights, they’ve developed Neeson’s location as one of the go-to action stars of the modern-day period. The current motion picture to come from this filmmaker-actor cooperation, The Commuter, is an action-thriller filled with that specific brand name of Neeson badassery. In spite of an overexposed and clichéd story that weighs it down, the movie provides specifically exactly what fans of the gimmicky, action star anticipate and winds up being an enjoyable time at the films. Yes, you will see Liam Neeson punching more than a couple of regrettable souls in the face.

Liam Neeson stars as Michael McCauley, a previous law enforcement officer, now a daddy making his method the world and attending to his household now as an insurance coverage salesperson. The opening minutes of Collet-Serra’s movie sets up the daily toils of McCauley’s ordinary life: preparing in the early morning, taking the train to his task, returning on the exact same train, and duplicating this cycle day after day. That daily regular gets shocked thanks to Michael’s business letting him go, the 60- year-old now confronted with a self-important obstacle.

It’s the afternoon of Michael’s work termination that his daily regular gets shocked a lot more so. On the train flight house, Michael is approached by a mystical lady ( Vera Farmiga), who informs him that somebody on his train does not belong. The lady uses him $100,000 if he has the ability to determine who precisely does not belong and tag them with a tracer. Naturally, Michael appears unwilling in the beginning, however the freshly out of work, married man, desperate for the fast money being used, eventually gives up. It does not assist matters that the mystical lady constantly has somebody viewing him, any effort at overturning her strategies leading to fatal repercussions for somebody on the train, and she might or might not have actually had Michael’s household abducted. It ends up being a race versus time for the one-time policeman to figure out the secret on the train, conserve his household from an unpredictable fate, and punch a couple of individuals in the moving towards excellent procedure.

As with their previous cooperations, Collet-Serra and Neeson use here what works best in this kind of movie, particularly Neeson’s action expertise, his specific set of abilities on complete screen. The Commuter does not boast an abundance of action, however the director utilizes his star and the setting where his character discovers himself to the very best of his capability. One specific battle on board the confinement of the train is especially well-shot, Collet-Serra letting it play out in an apparently limitless single shot that amps up the strength.

The movie might have most likely worked without all the punching and kicking supplied, however then exactly what would be left for The Commuter The movie script supplied by Byron Willinger, Philip de Blasi, and Ryan Engle is something of a mishmash of been-there-done-that concepts. The movie plays out specifically as you anticipate it to, and the exposes of the secret deal hardly any of compound. Much of it is foreseeable, especially when it concerns that secret, and you cannot question however assist how excellent the movie might have been with something a little additional working beyond the surface-level, action beats.

Still, it’s tough to reject the thriller provided when it concerns viewing Liam Neeson being a badass. It has actually come to the point where the star might sleepwalk through thin action movies such as this, however his effort at drama as well as feeling contributes to the efficiency even if it appears out of location for the movie. The supporting gamers are likewise doing good work here, chief amongst them being Farmiga, who easily improves the mystical nature of her villain character. You still desire more from her than exactly what The Commuter offers, however she provides a notable efficiency that makes you crave atrocious functions in her future.

Whether we eventually get that stays to be seen, however we are definitely going to continue seeing Neeson as the hard-edged, action hero he has actually strongly ended up being. The Commuter is a movie that understands specifically which side of the bread its butter is on, and, as a Neeson-led actioner, it provides in abundance. There is no rejecting the movie’s movie script might have been more powerful, more structured, and the clichéd and complicated nature of how everything plays out injures the experience. Still, The Commuter offers fans of B-level home entertainment precisely what they desire, and it’s tough to fault any movie that does that. It might not be kept in mind as fondly as Neeson’s more remarkable work, however, as far as action lorries go, this train keeps its wheels strongly on the tracks.

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