Cher Will Not Apologize for ‘Half-Breed’

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On December 22 nd, 2017, through the stream of ALL CAPS and multiply emojis that is Cher’s twitter account, this burst forth:

It’s been opting for days.

Cher has actually invested the previous couple of weeks protecting her 1973 solo top hit “Half-Breed,” about being a castaway of white and Cherokee society carried out in full-blown Party City-level Cherokee drag. In 1993, People Magazine reported that her mom has some Cherokee blood together with Irish, English, German heritage, however her daddy is Armenian-American; in 2017, no one in their best mind would take this seriously as a symbol of Native American culture …

… other than Trump’s brand-new Canadian/American pop star appointee for Native American Ambassador on the National Diversity Coalition! Previous Pussycat Dolls member Kaya Jones! Surprise!

Since the December 8th statement that she will represent Native Americans on the nationwide phase, Jones has actually been tagging herself as a #Halfbreed together with claims that her daddy is Apache Native American. When asked, she cannot call the appointment her daddy resided on or his tribal origins (see a wrap-up of that thread here), however exactly what she can do to represent Native American culture is channel Cher:

So now individuals formerly not familiar with “Half-Breed” are taking Cher to job.

Cher turned a shit.

And later on excused taking it as an individual swipe at her mom, who has actually been ill with cardiovascular disease:

And said sorry once again and once again for the mad reaction, however parsed from disorderly ampersands and punctuation marks, the bottom line is that the headdress is not coming off Cher anymore than it’s coming off Kaya Jones:

The last one is practically difficult to understand, however recommends that in the meantime, it’s remaining in the Vegas program.

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