Capturing Up by Looking Back: The Brief Return of Pot Psychology

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“Oh, I was just being stupid,” is something I have actually discovered myself informing numerous an editor when questioned about a specific turn of expression or concept in my work. I comprehend it’s an editor’s task to concern (and I value anybody who’s here to assist my rubbish make more sense), however reviewing Pot Psychology, I’m advised how revitalizing it was to be silly without needing to discuss why. You might see it all in our beady, weedy little eyes.

Pot Psychology was a video guidance column Tracie Egan Morrissey and I provided for Jezebel in between the years of 2007 and 2012 (though we took a couple of considerable breaks throughout that time). The principle was basic: We ‘d get stoned and respond to concerns individuals sent out in. We explained that we were not specialists (however we ‘d have you understand that we were specialists), and even more, that anybody who opted to take the guidance of 2 individuals on drugs would likely get exactly what they had pertaining to them and most likely required more guidance than they were confessing to in the minute. Of the numerous things in life that you take seriously at your very own danger, willfully silly individuals should be near the really leading of that list. And exactly what much better platform exists than the web to check out that concept?

I’ve long schemed methods to obtain spent for doing things that I enjoy. Since there are couple of things I’ve taken pleasure in more over the past 10 years than smoking cigarettes weed and talking shit with my friend, Pot Psychology is up there with my biggest frauds. I might just be prouder if we ‘d damaged the guidance category entirely, as exposing its ridiculousness in our satire belongs to exactly what kept us going.

For Jezebel’s 10 th anniversary celebration, Tracie and I went through a few of our old concerns and addressed them once again to see whether we have actually altered or if weed has actually kept us in a state of apprehended advancement. Neither of us might remember our preliminary responses. The lead to the video above may shock you … if you’re actually that invested (and if so, who are you?).

Since Tracie nixed my concept for a Pot Psych vacation unique, this is most likely the last time we’ll do this– a minimum of for a while. Thanks, everybody, it’s been … hazy.

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