Bye-bye, Sweet Polar Bear

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Tundra, the Bronx Zoo’s resident polar bear, was euthanized last Saturday. At the time of his death, he was the last polar bear left in New York City, following the deaths of Central Park Zoo polar bears Gus, in 2013, and Ida, in2011 Tundra was 26 (which is really old in polar bear years) and was suffering from kidney failure, it is still really unfortunate to see him go. This has actually not been a great year for bears.

Jim Breheny, director of the Bronx Zoo, revealed Tundra’s death on Thursday:

Breheny informed the Associated Press that Tundra, who went beyond the typical life span for zoo-residing male polar bears by about 5 years, “remained extremely active and playful until just before his death.” Breheny likewise fielded some online criticism from animal supporters who argued Tundra would have fared much better in the wild than in captivity. The Wildlife Conservation Society’s position is that polar bears are simply as delighted in zoos as they are in the wild, there’s been some issue over the years about the “forced reality” bears face when stuck in phony environments.

In 2016, WCS resolved questions over Tundra’s convenience level in the middle of an NYC heat wave, keeping in mind that the bear was completely great in heat, though whether Tundra informed them that is up for dispute.

Polar bears have actually remained in the news of late, thanks in part to a video launched by National Geographic in December that revealed an emaciated, starving bear trying to find food on Canada’s Baffin Island. Some critics argued that the video was deceptive and bear populations are doing simply great, Nat Geo clarified that the warming environment is, in reality, injuring bears, thank you really much.

Anyway, bye-bye Tundra, you were a good bear, and now you are gone.

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