Blindspot: Jane makes heartbreaking choice over Weller expose

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Warning: This story includes significant spoilers from Friday’s episode of Blindspot Check out at your very own threat!

How did Jane respond to the news that Weller eliminated her child throughout Blindspot‘s winter season best? Spoiler alert: Not extremely well at all.

Though Jane (Jaimie Alexander) was at first in rejection that Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) had actually eliminated her child, he discussed that Avery (Kristina Reyes) had actually privately accompanied with Weller on an objective in Berlin to obtain more details on Jane’s location, however it was a trap and Weller mistakenly shot her thinking she was an enemy. By hour’s end, Jane chose to leave Weller, despondent since she’ll never ever even get to fulfill her child and upset since Weller kept the reality from her.

“They’re both heartbroken,” executive manufacturer Martin Gero informs EW of the separation. “But right now, Jane just can’t get over that Weller kept this from her. The team wants to give them space and are hoping they can figure it out, but at work, everyone is going to try to stay focused at the task at hand.”

But there might be hope on the horizon, since the closing minutes of the episode exposed that Avery is really still alive, as audiences saw her attempt to leave captivity in Germany. Could Avery’s expected death really become part of Roman’s strategies, eventually a method to drive a wedge in between Jane and Weller? “Interesting theory,” Gero states. “Keep watching.”

While audiences understand Avery is really alive, Jane will not be far behind. “It will happen sooner than you think,” Gero states of a mother-daughter reunion. “And it will involve someone else from Jane’s past. Weller, at least initially, is not going to be happy about that.”

Blindspot airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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