Berlinale 2018: ‘Shut Up and Play the Piano’ is a Brilliantly Clever Doc

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by Alex Billington
February 22, 2018

Shut Up and Play the Piano Review

Step into the mind of this musical genius for simply a minute, and be motivated by his resourcefulness and creativity. Shut Up and Play the Piano is a documentary about the artist referred to as “ Chilly Gonzales“, who is really a Canadian male called Jason Beck. Beck is a virtuoso, a distinctive artist and this movie is a befittingly distinct profile of him and his life. It’s an enormously innovative, smart movie about an enormously innovative, smart artist and will motivate anybody to stop appreciating judgment and let your deeply truthful imagination reveal itself. I liked this movie a lot. I didn’t even understand who Chilly Gonzales was prior to this, and now I’m a big fan. I’ve currently purchased a few of his albums. The title is a recommendation to fans who typically inform Chilly to simply stop talking and play the piano, and he does. Oh, does he ever play, and it’s delicious. Discover this movie.

Shut Up and Play the Piano is directed by filmmaker Philipp Jedicke, and it fits right in at the Berlin Film Festival for a variety of factors. Early on at the start of his profession, Chilly relocated to Berlin and feel into the underground music scene in the city. He later on hung around in Vienna and Paris, and now resides in Cologne in Germany. The movie is framed around an interview with Chilly performed by German author Sibylle Berg. It’s really an entertaining interview, with amusing minutes however likewise extremely truthful responses. Much of Chilly’s “act” is this bizarro, excessive madness, however here we really get to see him being himself, providing genuine responses in the interview. Even if they appear a bit insane, they’re still genuine, and this provides us a possibility to obtain to understand the genuine Jason and exactly what drives him, what influences him, exactly what makes him the musical genius that he is.

The movie itself is as excessive and eccentric and completely wild as Chilly himself, makings it enormously amusing. It’s not simply a straight-forward discussion of his life and his work, or anything basic like that. It bounces around, turns on its head, goes all over the location, much like Chilly does. There’s a lot smart documentary filmmaking and remarkable individual storytelling going on in here, makings everything the more stimulating to enjoy. It still never ever loses its focus on the male himself, and his unbelievable skill, and how he has actually been able to bring this out. There’s a little bit of exposing exactly what’s- behind-the-curtain, however never ever a lot that we feel Chilly may not be genuine. Chilly is who Jason actually is, and it’s that pure kind of innovative expression that we get to experience in this movie. Even the extremely last line is best on top of whatever else.

By the end of Shut Up and Play the Piano, I was currently a big fan of Chilly. The movie is a buddy piece to his albums, and does not remove from enjoying his music by itself. It likewise provides us a glance at a few of his live efficiencies, which is where Chilly actually provides us his all. There’s some amazing video from intimate minutes and early efficiencies and one-time experiences that are a delight to enjoy. And it’s all absolutely motivating for anybody trying to find an increase in imagination. Cold programs us that it’s not almost “being yourself”, however letting that truthful imagination work its escape in an unfiltered, unconfined method. He might not be the cleanest or most pure artist you’ll find, however he is absolutely among the most gifted, and among the most amazing. And ideally you will be motivated to be even more enthusiastic about your very own imagination.

Alex’s Berlinale 2018 Rating: 10 from 10
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