Adam Chitwood’s Top 10 Films of 2017

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Maybe I’m misremembering, or possibly it’s simply the times, however 2017 seemed like the greatest testimony to the power of seeing a motion picture in a real theater in an excellent long while. As the market progresses, as streaming services end up being larger and bolder in their content offerings, and as Prestige TELEVISION appears predestined to produce more excellent programs than can potentially be enjoyed, there’s still absolutely nothing like seeing a genuinely excellent motion picture on a cinema in a space filled with complete strangers.

But it takes an excellent motion picture to make that experience beneficial, and 2017 provided in a range of methods. Something like Thor: Ragnarok took the popcorn motion picture to brand-new heights with a genuinely unexpected, amusing, and awesome sci-fi experience. Split, a January scary motion picture, took package workplace by storm and generated gasps from the audience with its last scene. The Big Sick brought a varied group of individuals together in unison to enjoy a special and wonderful romantic funny with a somebody aside from a white man as the romantic lead. And Logan overturned exactly what a superhero motion picture might be by generally turning Wolverine’s swan tune into a well-crafted, violent, and really dismal Western.

So if there’s a throughline to my Top 10 list this year, it’s that a great deal of these motion pictures took advantage of the theatrical experience in a huge method, and act as evidence favorable that, in many cases, you just can not beat seeing a motion picture in a huge theater. Witness, my Top 10 movies of 2017, many of which I hope you ventured out and saw on a huge, huge screen.

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